Dynaxer HP4

Good value for your money

Summer tyre
  • Citadines
  • Compactes
  • Berlines
Dimensions and labels

Buy what you really need*

No compromise for safety

  • Your safety in wet conditions: Best possible wet grading result on 16 and 17 inches with two large longitudinal central grooves to avoid aquaplaning
  • Your safety in dry conditions: with new compounds benefiting from more than 100 years of KLEBER technology
* Michelin Group internal wet braking studies conducted on July 2018 on Fontange test track. Size 205/55R16 94W, vehicle Golf 7 Tsi, compared to the previous generation (KLEBER Dynaxer HP3). Average results. Braking from 80 km/h to 20 km/h on wet road with ABS. Michelin Group internal rolling resistance test on 195/65R15 91V KLEBER DYNAXER HP4 holds a C label while KLEBER Dynaxer HP3 was E label.

Spend smart

Efficient tyre

  • Well balanced in every condition with excellent performance on wet and dry roads
  • Limit your fuel consumption with our specificautoblocking sculpture technology

Chose quality for your vehicle

A tyre that you can trust

  • Available for your vehicle with rim size between 14 and 17 inches
  • KLEBER logo on the middle of the tread pattern, proof of quality and authenticity
How to read a tyre

Reading a tyre...
Understanding the markings on the tyre's sidewall.