Why winter tyres?

Choose safety: fit winter tyres when the cold season begins.

Roads are always less safe in winter than in summer: grip is much less on a snowy, icy or even wet road.
Also, summer tyres have characteristics that mean their performance deteriorates below 7°C. It is therefore advisable to fit your vehicle with winter tyres.

Winter tyres are specifically designed to drive in wintry conditions:

  • on all types of surfaces: roads that are snowy, slightly to very icy, simply damp or very wet, in deep water but also cold and dry roads ...
  • in all wintry atmospheric conditions: fine or heavy rain, damp or very dry and cold ...
  • and at very low temperatures.

Winter tyres reduce the risk of aquaplaning due to their specific shape designed to displace the water underneath the tyre. They have much better grip and excellent driveability, thanks to greater tread depth than summer tyres.

The tread of a winter tyre also has many more sipes than a summer tyre, to grip snow better. Lastly, winter tyres are made of a special blend of rubber containing silica, which adapts to low temperatures and gives better braking.

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