Fitting all four wheels with winter tyres

For better control of your vehicle and increased safety, it is advisable to fit your vehicle with winter tyres all round.

Opt for four winter tyres.

Fitting only two winter tyres improves driveability, particularly when pulling away. But that is not enough to ensure good performance and optimum safety. It can even be dangerous:

  • A front-wheel-drive car fitted with winter tyres at the front only is unbalanced at the rear, and is more likely to spin.
  • A rear-wheel-drive car with winter tyres fitted at the rear only is unbalanced at the front, and risks going straight on at a bend.

Comparison of performances with 2 and 4 winter tyres

  Driveability Grip in bends Braking stability Effectiveness of braking
With 2 winter tyres on the drive axle + + - - + -
With 4 winter tyres + + + + + + + +