If you have a puncture

Punctures always happen at the worst possible moment! But by taking a few precautions, you can make the incident a little less of a nuisance.

A puncture is always an ordeal for a driver. Here are a few pieces of advice to make life easier in this event:

  • Always have a pair of gloves in the boot.
  • Also carry a large rubbish bag to put the flat tyre in, particularly if it is covered in mud!
  • Provide a small board to prevent the jack from sinking if the surface under the vehicle is too soft.
  • Oil the thread very lightly to make it easier to remove the wheel nuts.
  • Never drive too fast with the spare wheel mounted. It might not be inflated to the correct pressure, which will decrease roadholding.
  • Make sure to tighten the wheel nuts properly. Incorrect tightening could lead to the brake discs warping, and damage the wheel mounting system. Correct tightening also makes it easier to remove the wheel again!
  • For uniform, perfect tightening, it is advisable to use a torque wrench. This tool enables you to regulate the force used in tightening the wheel nuts. Otherwise, go to the nearest dealership to get your tyres checked.
  • After repair and refitting, get the wheel balanced.