Determining tyre pressure

Maintain the pressure!

When inflated to the correct pressure, your tyres will give you better safety, better mileage and optimum fuel consumption.

Check the pressure when tyres are cold (on tyres that have not been used for at least two hours or have been driven for less than 3 km at reduced speed). If the tyres are hot when they are checked (if you have driven during the past two hours or covered several kilometres at low speed), add 0.3 bar to the recommended pressure.

Never deflate hot tyres. To improve your safety, save money and increase the lifetime of your tyres, check the pressure!

If you are using the motorway or carrying heavy loads, remember to change the pressure, according to the manufacturers' recommendations (User Manual, pressure label).

Tyre pressures must be checked at least once a month or before every long journey.

Remember to check the spare tyre!

To avoid the pitfalls of driving with under-inflated tyres, detect any problems before it is too late. The correct pressure is that stipulated jointly by the tyre and vehicle manufacturers. These indications are to be found in the User Manual for the vehicle or on a label affixed to the vehicle (door jamb / fuel cover flap / glovebox etc.).

Inflation with nitrogen does not dispense with the need to check tyre pressures frequently.