Choosing your tyres to comply with the Highway Code

The Highway Code includes rules for tyres.

Rules imposed by the Highway Code

It is illegal to equip motor vehicles and/or their trailers with tyres of a load capacity index or speed rating symbol that is lower than the maximum capacity declared by the manufacturer of the vehicle (Article R59 of the Highway Code supplemented by the decree of 24/10/94).

The Highway Code requires that tyres on the same axle be:

  • the same brand,
  • the same size,
  • the same usage category (e.g.: road, snow, all-terrain),
  • the same structure (cross-ply or radial),
  • the same speed rating (T, H, V, W etc.),
  • the same load capacity.

Why is it mandatory to comply with speed indices?          

The size, speed rating and load index have been determined by the car manufacturer (and validated by the tyre manufacturer) to provide maximum driving safety, quality and ride comfort.

This data is clearly part of the characteristics of the vehicle when it undergoes approval by France's government vehicle testing service.

For summer tyres, fitting tyres of different sizes, speed rating or load indices is therefore dangerous and represents a violation of the Highway Code. On the other hand, it is always possible to fit tyres with a higher speed and/or load index.

For winter tyres, the latitude is greater. Tyres with a lower speed rating than that of the original tyres may be fitted. But take care, in this case, the driving speed MUST comply with this lower limit. A label providing a reminder of this lower speed will also be affixed inside the vehicle, in a place that is easily seen by the driver.

To find out more, the "Find your tyre" section will tell you the possibilities available from KLEBER for your vehicle, in accordance with the legal provisions described above.