Tyre pressure

As the weather warms up, we all like to get on the road for some week-end driving. But like Urvic, you need to be driving with peace of mind.

Tyres in good condition are not only your best buddies, they are also indispensable for perfect handling and cut out the risk of aquaplaning and loosing grip. So, as Urvic, remember to get your tyres checked regularly by your usual mechanic. As soon as the tread reaches the level of the wear indicator, tyres must be replaced, always! It means you have just 1.6 mm of tread left on the tyre - not enough to ensure the grip you need for safe driving, and below the level required by law!

KLEBER good pressure

The right tyre pressure is essential for your safety and should be checked at least once every three months and before a long drive. Go ahead and check out the advice from your manufacturer that you will find in the log-book or on the inside door label.   

Positive all the way!

The Urvic Touch:

Driving with the right tyre pressure improves a vehicle’s handling, reduces the risk of accidents and helps save fuel (and lower CO2 emissions).